2014 Less Wrong Census/​Survey—Call For Critiques/​Questions

It’s that time of year again. Ac­tu­ally, a lit­tle ear­lier than that time of year, but I’m push­ing it ahead a lit­tle to match when Ozy and I ex­pect to have more free time to pro­cess the re­sults.

The first draft of the 2014 Less Wrong Cen­sus/​Sur­vey is com­plete (see 2013 re­sults here) .

You can see the sur­vey be­low if you promise not to try to take the sur­vey be­cause it’s not done yet and this is just an ex­am­ple!

2014 Less Wrong Cen­sus/​Sur­vey Draft

I want two things from you.

First, please cri­tique this draft (it’s much the same as last year’s). Tell me if any ques­tions are un­clear, mis­lead­ing, offen­sive, con­fus­ing, or stupid. Tell me if the sur­vey is so un­bear­ably long that you would never pos­si­bly take it. Tell me if any­thing needs to be rephrased.

Se­cond, I am will­ing to in­clude any ques­tion you want in the Su­per Ex­tra Bonus Ques­tions sec­tion, as long as it is not offen­sive, su­per-long-and-in­volved, or re­ally dumb. Please post any ques­tions you want there. Please be spe­cific—not “Ask some­thing about taxes” but give the ex­act ques­tion you want me to ask as well as all an­swer choices.

Try not to add more than a few ques­tions per per­son, un­less you’re sure yours are re­ally in­ter­est­ing. Please also don’t add any ques­tions that aren’t very eas­ily sort-able by a com­puter pro­gram like SPSS un­less you can com­mit to sort­ing the an­swers your­self.

I will prob­a­bly post the sur­vey to Main and offi­cially open it for re­sponses some­time early next week.