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I work for the Centre for Effective Altruism and run the EA Forum. The second-most-notable thing about me is my brief, odd career as a semi-professional Magic: the Gathering player and streamer.

EA Fo­rum Creative Writ­ing Con­test: $10,000 in prizes for good stories

aarongertler12 Sep 2021 21:25 UTC
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One Study, Many Re­sults (Matt Clancy)

aarongertler18 Jul 2021 23:10 UTC
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Tom Chivers, au­thor of “The AI Does Not Hate You”, is run­ning an AMA on the EA Forum

aarongertler11 Mar 2021 6:22 UTC
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aarongertler’s Shortform

aarongertler6 Jan 2021 23:43 UTC
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[Question] What are good ways of con­vinc­ing some­one to re­think an im­pos­si­ble dream?

aarongertler19 Mar 2020 0:06 UTC
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