[Question] What’s your favorite LessWrong post?

This was last asked in 2014 on the an­nual sur­vey. Since we have strong up­votes, you may vote for 2 posts. Each an­swer should link to a sin­gle post, and I will delete re­peats. Please use a strong and weak up­vote each for at most one an­swer (and post­ing an an­swer is a vote).

Ba­si­cally any LessWrong URL is ok—links, events, ques­tions, and archive links to pages only on LessWrong 1.0 are fine. I only ex­pect reg­u­lar posts and links to be cho­sen though.

Feel free to com­ment on an­swers if you’re dy­ing to ex­plain your rea­son­ing, or com­ment on this post if you’re dy­ing to men­tion your third fa­vorite and lower posts.

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