Related Discussion from Thomas Kwa’s MIRI Research Experience

One of the subthreads in Thomas Kwa’s MIRI research experience was about his experience working with Nate. In the comments, some other people brought up their own negative experiences. There was a lot of ensuing discussion about it.

Thomas felt this was distracting from the points he was most interested in (e.g. how infohazard policies slow down research, how new researchers can stop flailing around so much, whether deconfusion is a bottleneck to alignment, or the sharp left turn, etc).

I also somewhat regretted curating the post since we normally avoid curating “community politics” posts, and while the post had a lot of timeless content in both the OP and the discussion, it ended up being a major focus of the comments.

So, I’m moving those comments to this escape-valve-post, where the discussion can continue in whatever direction people end up taking while leaving the original post to focus on more timeless topics that are relevant whether or not you’re plugged into particular social scenes.