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[Question] What would a post that ar­gues against the Orthog­o­nal­ity Th­e­sis that LessWrong users ap­prove of look like?

Thoth Hermes3 Jun 2023 21:21 UTC
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Colors Ap­pear To Have Al­most-Univer­sal Sym­bolic Associations

Thoth Hermes20 May 2023 18:40 UTC
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[Question] Why doesn’t the pres­ence of log-loss for prob­a­bil­is­tic mod­els (e.g. se­quence pre­dic­tion) im­ply that any util­ity func­tion ca­pa­ble of pro­duc­ing a “fairly ca­pa­ble” agent will have at least some non-neg­ligible frac­tion of over­lap with hu­man val­ues?

Thoth Hermes16 May 2023 18:02 UTC
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On­tolo­gies Should Be Back­wards-Compatible

Thoth Hermes14 May 2023 17:21 UTC
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Where “the Se­quences” Are Wrong

Thoth Hermes7 May 2023 20:21 UTC
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The Great Ide­olog­i­cal Con­flict: In­tu­ition­ists vs. Establishmentarians

Thoth Hermes27 Apr 2023 1:49 UTC
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De­cep­tion Strategies

Thoth Hermes20 Apr 2023 15:59 UTC
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The Truth About False

Thoth Hermes15 Apr 2023 1:01 UTC
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Bi­nar­is­tic Bifur­ca­tion: How Real­ity Splits Into Two Separate Binaries

Thoth Hermes11 Apr 2023 21:19 UTC
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