IQ and g-factor

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IQ is a score derived from a set of standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence. The g-factor (general intelligence factor) is the underlying psychometric construct that the IQ tests are trying to measure.

This tag is specifically for discussions about these formal constructs. For discussions about artificial intelligence, see AI. For discussions about human-level intelligence in a broader sense, see General Intelligence.

Against In­di­vi­d­ual IQ Worries

Scott Alexander28 Sep 2017 17:12 UTC
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[Question] Why so much var­i­ance in hu­man in­tel­li­gence?

Ben Pace22 Aug 2019 22:36 UTC
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[Question] How good is a hu­man’s gut judge­ment at guess­ing some­one’s IQ?

habryka25 Feb 2019 21:23 UTC
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Why Are In­di­vi­d­ual IQ Differ­ences OK?

Eliezer Yudkowsky26 Oct 2007 21:50 UTC
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[Question] What are the ad­van­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of know­ing your own IQ?

Mati_Roy3 Apr 2019 18:31 UTC
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IQ and Mag­nus Car­lsen, Leo Messi and the Decathlon

ragintumbleweed28 Mar 2017 22:37 UTC
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AIXI-style IQ tests

gwern29 Jan 2011 0:49 UTC
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[Link] Word-vec­tor based DL sys­tem achieves hu­man par­ity in ver­bal IQ tests

jacob_cannell13 Jun 2015 23:38 UTC
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[LINK] In­ter­na­tional vari­a­tion in IQ – the role of parasites

David_Gerard14 May 2012 12:08 UTC
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How much wealth is pro­duced by high IQ peo­ple?

JonahS14 Mar 2014 8:23 UTC
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SciAm ar­ti­cle about ra­tio­nal­ity cor­re­spond­ing only weakly with IQ

DavidPlumpton27 Dec 2014 20:56 UTC
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[LINK] Neu­ro­scien­tists Find That Sta­tus within Groups Can Affect IQ

cafesofie23 Jan 2012 19:52 UTC
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In­ter­view on IQ, genes, and ge­netic en­g­ineer­ing with ex­pert (Hsu)

James_Miller28 May 2017 22:19 UTC
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Ar­ti­cle on IQ: The Inap­pro­pri­ately Excluded

buybuydandavis19 Sep 2016 1:36 UTC
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[Question] Perfor­mance IQ and higher mathematics

c5pi24 Aug 2019 17:31 UTC
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[Question] Should I take an IQ test, why or why not?

snog toddgrass10 Jul 2020 16:52 UTC
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Is IQ what we ac­tu­ally need to know?

NancyLebovitz25 Feb 2014 18:21 UTC
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What In­tel­li­gence Tests Miss: The psy­chol­ogy of ra­tio­nal thought

Kaj_Sotala11 Jul 2010 23:01 UTC
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A 2011 sum­mary of mod­ern in­tel­li­gence tests

lukeprog7 Sep 2011 11:26 UTC
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Autism And In­tel­li­gence: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Scott Alexander14 Nov 2019 5:30 UTC
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How min­i­mal is our in­tel­li­gence?

Douglas_Reay25 Nov 2012 23:34 UTC
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So­cial in­tel­li­gence, ed­u­ca­tion, & the workplace

PhilGoetz2 May 2013 20:51 UTC
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The Psy­cholog­i­cal Diver­sity of Mankind

Kaj_Sotala9 May 2010 5:53 UTC
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The Atomic Bomb Con­sid­ered As Hun­gar­ian High School Science Fair Project

Scott Alexander26 May 2017 9:45 UTC
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In­nate Math­e­mat­i­cal Ability

JonahS18 Feb 2015 11:11 UTC
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A Book Review

Zack_M_Davis28 Apr 2020 17:43 UTC
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IQ Scores Fail to Pre­dict Aca­demic Perfor­mance in Chil­dren With Autism

InquilineKea18 Nov 2010 3:34 UTC
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The Case Against Ed­u­ca­tion: Split­ting the Ed­u­ca­tion Premium Pie and Con­sid­er­ing IQ

Zvi29 Apr 2018 12:40 UTC
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[Question] Does sci­en­tific pro­duc­tivity cor­re­late with IQ?

Eli Tyre16 Jun 2019 19:42 UTC
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Do IQ tests mea­sure g?

NancyLebovitz24 Nov 2010 13:19 UTC
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Age gaps and Birth or­der: Reanalysis

Bucky7 Sep 2019 19:33 UTC
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Jour­nal ar­ti­cle: “The Myth­i­cal Ta­boo on Race and In­tel­li­gence”

CronoDAS16 Oct 2020 2:58 UTC
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Book re­view: WEIRDest People

PeterMcCluskey30 Nov 2020 3:33 UTC
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The Flynn Effect Clarified

PeterMcCluskey12 Dec 2020 5:18 UTC
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[Question] Can you im­prove IQ by prac­tic­ing IQ tests?

ForensicOceanography27 Apr 2021 11:28 UTC
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[Question] How Does Cog­ni­tive Perfor­mance Trans­late to Real World Ca­pa­bil­ity?

DragonGod7 Jun 2022 17:39 UTC
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Do IQ tests mea­sure in­tel­li­gence? - A pre­dic­tion mar­ket on my fu­ture be­liefs about the topic

tailcalled4 Feb 2023 11:19 UTC
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Are smart peo­ple’s per­sonal ex­pe­riences bi­ased against gen­eral in­tel­li­gence?

tailcalled21 Apr 2022 19:25 UTC
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On Things that are Awesome

Eliezer Yudkowsky24 Mar 2009 3:24 UTC
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What do fel­low ra­tio­nal­ists think about Mensa?

taw6 Apr 2009 22:08 UTC
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[Link] Why the kids don’t know no algebra

GLaDOS4 Jul 2012 10:29 UTC
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Take part in our gi­ant study of cog­ni­tive abil­ities and get a cus­tomized re­port of your strengths and weak­nesses!

spencerg25 Nov 2022 16:28 UTC
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Re­la­tion­ship be­tween sub­jec­tive ex­pe­rience and in­tel­li­gence?

Q Home24 Jul 2022 9:10 UTC
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[Question] Ed­u­ca­tion not meant for mass-consumption

Tolo24 Oct 2022 19:45 UTC
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His­tor­i­cal math­e­mat­i­ci­ans ex­hibit a birth or­der effect too

Eli Tyre21 Aug 2018 1:52 UTC
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Ex­pe­riences in ap­ply­ing “The Biode­ter­minist’s Guide to Par­ent­ing”

juliawise17 Jul 2015 19:19 UTC
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Age gaps and Birth or­der: Failed re­pro­duc­tion of results

Bucky7 Sep 2019 19:22 UTC
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Birth or­der effect found in No­bel Lau­re­ates in Physics

Bucky4 Sep 2018 12:17 UTC
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What is up with car­bon diox­ide and cog­ni­tion? An offer

paulfchristiano23 Apr 2016 17:47 UTC
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The Trou­ble with Bright Girls [link]

Dreaded_Anomaly4 Mar 2011 4:17 UTC
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Com­ments on Power Law Distri­bu­tion of In­di­vi­d­ual Impact

Ben Pace29 Dec 2017 1:49 UTC
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HELP: Do I have a chance at be­com­ing in­tel­li­gent?

johnbgone26 Oct 2010 21:41 UTC
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