Is IQ what we actually need to know?

I’ve never heard of any­one say­ing “I thought that per­son was re­ally in­tel­li­gent, but they turned out not to be”, and when there are scan­dals about peo­ple with fake cre­den­tials, they don’t seem to come from peo­ple with fake cre­den­tials mak­ing mis­takes—in­stead, some­one checks the his­tory.

It seems to me that you can find out a lot about peo­ple’s in­tel­li­gence by talk­ing with them a lit­tle, though I’ve un­der­es­ti­mated peo­ple who were bright enough but didn’t pre­sent as in­tel­lec­tual.

The real prob­lems are with iden­ti­fy­ing con­scien­tious­ness, benev­olence, and loy­alty—that’s where the un­pleas­ant sur­prises show up.