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Ar­ti­cle on IQ: The Inap­pro­pri­ately Excluded

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LIST: I can’t vote Karma on some peo­ple, some con­texts.

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Robin Han­son talk­ing about Bias on Stos­sel tonight

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Think­ing Fast and Slow for Kin­dle $3 at Amazon

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EY “Poli­tics is the Mind Killer” sight­ing at Wash­ing­ton Ex­am­iner and Rea­

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E.T. Jaynes and Hugh Everett—in­cludes a pre­vi­ously un­pub­lished re­view by Jaynes of a pub­lished short ver­sion of Everett’s dissertation

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Draft of Ed­win Jaynes’ “Prob­a­bil­ity The­ory: The Logic of Science” on­line, with lost chap­ter 30

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Free Kin­dle Text­book: The Cere­bel­lum: Brain for an Im­plicit Self (FT Press Science)

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“How We De­cide”, by Jonah Lehrer, kin­dle ver­sion on sale for 99 cents at amazon

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