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What can we learn from Microsoft’s Tay, its in­flam­ma­tory tweets, and its shut­down?

InquilineKea26 Mar 2016 3:41 UTC
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After Go, what games should be next for Deep­Mind?

InquilineKea10 Mar 2016 20:49 UTC
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What is the fu­ture of nootropic drugs? Why can’t there be ones more effec­tive than ones that have ex­isted for 15+ years?

InquilineKea6 Mar 2016 18:45 UTC
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Are con­fer­ences an in­effi­cient/​ter­rible dis­cus­sion fo­rum (in ad­di­tion to aca­demic pa­pers)?

InquilineKea4 Jun 2015 19:14 UTC
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Psy­cholog­i­cal val­idity of the “Seven deadly sins”?

InquilineKea17 Mar 2015 1:25 UTC
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How do you ap­proach the prob­lem of so­cial dis­cov­ery?

InquilineKea21 Apr 2014 21:05 UTC
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[LINK] What’s New? Ex­u­ber­ance for Novelty Has Benefits

InquilineKea17 Feb 2012 15:12 UTC
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What are some cool things a LWer can do at Yale, Brown, and UChicago?

InquilineKea5 Feb 2012 5:00 UTC
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[LINK] How a Com­puter Game is Rein­vent­ing the Science of Ex­per­tise

InquilineKea5 Dec 2011 5:06 UTC
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[POLL] LessWrong group on YourMo­

InquilineKea29 Nov 2011 1:22 UTC
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What are some good sur­vey ques­tions on a ra­tio­nal­ity web­site (like Gene Ex­pres­sion)? Razib would like some input

InquilineKea14 Jul 2011 22:12 UTC
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What are some in­spiring bi­ogra­phies of peo­ple for us LessWrong types?

InquilineKea13 Jul 2011 20:25 UTC
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Can cry­on­i­cally-frozen peo­ple *re­ally* ex­pect to be re­vived?

InquilineKea8 Jul 2011 23:27 UTC
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What are LessWrong’s thoughts on Venkatesh Rao, Gre­gory Rader, and Daniel Lemire?

InquilineKea3 Jul 2011 23:00 UTC
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Fi­nally just cre­ated com­pre­hen­sive re­source col­lec­tions/​guides for au­to­di­dac­tism/​sev­eral sci­en­tific subjects

InquilineKea26 Jun 2011 20:47 UTC
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Les­lie Vali­ant dis­cusses the the “prob­a­bly ap­prox­i­mately cor­rect,” or PAC, model of ma­chine learn­ing.

InquilineKea25 Jun 2011 10:27 UTC
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Be­ing a lab rat for phase I tri­als for ex­tended-re­lease ver­sions of drugs that are already well-known—a po­ten­tial wind­fall fi­nan­cial op­por­tu­nity for ra­tio­nal­ists?

InquilineKea23 Jun 2011 0:12 UTC
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Men­tor­ing as an al­ter­na­tive to hav­ing chil­dren?

InquilineKea22 Jun 2011 23:04 UTC
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What are the best news sources to read for *in­sight­ful* dis­cus­sions?

InquilineKea19 Jun 2011 8:28 UTC
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“The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good”, 80/​20 Rule, INTPish, and Rationality

InquilineKea18 Jun 2011 7:41 UTC
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