Pro­ject Announcement

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A project announcement is what you might expect—an announcement of a project.
Posts that are about a project’s announcement, but do not themselves announce anything, should not have this tag.

An­nounc­ing AXRP, the AI X-risk Re­search Podcast

DanielFilan23 Dec 2020 20:00 UTC
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We’ve built Con­nected Papers—a vi­sual tool for re­searchers to find and ex­plore aca­demic papers

discordy8 Jun 2020 18:44 UTC
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ra­tio­nalfic­—pub­lish, dis­cover, and dis­cuss ra­tio­nal fiction

rayalez31 May 2016 12:02 UTC
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Progress re­view: genome se­quenc­ing—June 2019

Yuxi_Liu29 Jun 2019 7:58 UTC
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CFAR’s new fo­cus, and AI Safety

AnnaSalamon3 Dec 2016 18:09 UTC
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