Yuxi_Liu(Yuxi Liu)

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Current status: student at Australian National University, doing an undergraduate thesis on fundamentals of statistical machine learning.

Interests: AGI, biology and evolution of intelligence, human enhancement, explaning human behavior without assuming free will.

I am not often here. Contact me at

How asex­u­al­ity be­came an identity

Yuxi_Liu25 Dec 2019 15:47 UTC
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Cy­ber­netic dreams: Beer’s pond brain

Yuxi_Liu19 Nov 2019 12:48 UTC
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An op­ti­mal stop­ping paradox

Yuxi_Liu12 Nov 2019 8:51 UTC
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Liv­ing the Berkeley idealism

Yuxi_Liu4 Sep 2019 22:20 UTC
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Why study per­tur­ba­tive ad­ver­sar­ial at­tacks ?

Yuxi_Liu29 Aug 2019 20:15 UTC
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How to take smart notes (Ahrens, 2017)

Yuxi_Liu23 Jul 2019 15:34 UTC
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Let’s Read: Su­per­hu­man AI for mul­ti­player poker

Yuxi_Liu14 Jul 2019 6:22 UTC
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No non­sense ver­sion of the “racial al­gorithm bias”

Yuxi_Liu13 Jul 2019 15:39 UTC
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