2011 Less Wrong Census /​ Survey

The fi­nal straw was notic­ing a com­ment refer­ring to “the most re­cent sur­vey I know of” and re­al­iz­ing it was from May 2009. I think it is well past time for an­other sur­vey, so here is one now.

Click here to take the survey

I’ve tried to keep the struc­ture of the last sur­vey in­tact so it will be easy to com­pare re­sults and see changes over time, but there were a few prob­lems with the last sur­vey that re­quired changes, and a few ques­tions from the last sur­vey that just didn’t ap­ply as much any­more (how many peo­ple have strong feel­ings on Three Wor­lds Col­lide these days?)

Please try to give se­ri­ous an­swers that are easy to pro­cess by com­puter (see the in­tro­duc­tion). And please let me know as soon as pos­si­ble if there are any se­cu­rity prob­lems (peo­ple other than me who can ac­cess the data) or any ab­solutely awful ques­tions.

I will prob­a­bly run the sur­vey for about a month un­less new peo­ple stop re­spond­ing well be­fore that. Like the last sur­vey, I’ll try to calcu­late some re­sults my­self and re­lease the raw data (minus the peo­ple who want to keep theirs pri­vate) for any­one else who wants to ex­am­ine it.

Like the last sur­vey, if you take it and post that you took it here, I will up­vote you, and I hope other peo­ple will up­vote you too.