[Question] Stupid Question: Why am I getting consistently downvoted?

I feel like I’ve posted some good stuff in the past month, but the bits that I think are coolest have pretty consistently gotten very negative karma.

I just read the rude post about rationalist discourse basics, and, while I can guess why my posts are receiving negative karma, that would involve a truly large amount of speculating about the insides of other people’s heads, which is apparently discouraged. So I figured I would ask.

I will offer a bounty of $1000 for the answer I find most helpful, and a bounty of $100 for the next most helpful three answers. This will probably be paid out over Venmo, if that is a decision-relevant factor.

Note that I may comment on your answer asking for clarification.

Edit 11-30-2023 1:27 AM: I have selected the recipients of the bounties. The grand prize of $1000 goes to @Shankar Sivarajan . The three runner-up prizes of $100 go to @tslarm , @Joe Kwon , and @trevor . Please respond to my DM to arrange payment or select a worthy charity to receive your winnings.

Edit 11-30-2023 12:08 PM: I have paid out all four bounties. Please contact me in DM if there is any issue with any of the bounties.