The True Rejection Challenge

An ex­er­cise:

Name some­thing that you do not do but should/​wish you did/​are told you ought, or that you do less than is nor­mally recom­mended. (For in­stance, “ex­er­cise” or “eat veg­eta­bles”.)

Make an ex­haus­tive list of your suffi­cient con­di­tions for avoid­ing this thing. (If you sus­pect that your list may be non-ex­haus­tive, men­tion that in your com­ment.)

Precom­mit that: If some­one comes up with a way to do the thing which doesn’t have any of your listed prob­lems, you will at least try it. It counts if you come up with this re­sponse your­self upon mak­ing your list.

(Based on: Is That Your True Re­jec­tion?)

Edit to add: Kindly stick to the spirit of the ex­er­cise; if you have no ad­vice in line with the ex­er­cise, this is not the place to offer it. Do not drift into con­fronta­tional or abu­sive de­mands that peo­ple ad­just their re­stric­tions to suit your cached sug­ges­tion, and do not offer un­so­lic­ited other-op­ti­miz­ing.

To alle­vi­ate crowd­ing, Armok_GoB has cre­ated a sec­ond thread for this challenge.