AI box: AI has one shot at avoiding destruction—what might it say?

Eliezer pro­posed in a com­ment:

>More difficult ver­sion of AI-Box Ex­per­i­ment: In­stead of hav­ing up to 2 hours, you can lose at any time if the other player types AI DESTROYED. The Gate­keeper player has told their friends that they will type this as soon as the Ex­per­i­ment starts. You can type up to one sen­tence in your IRC queue and hit re­turn im­me­di­ately, the other player can­not type any­thing be­fore the game starts (so you can show at least one sen­tence up to IRC char­ac­ter limits be­fore they can type AI DESTROYED). Do you think you can win?

This spawned a flurry of ideas on what the AI might say. I think there’s a lot more ideas to be mined in that line of thought, and the dis­cus­sion mer­its its own thread.

So, give your sug­ges­tion—what might an AI might say to save or free it­self?

(The AI-box ex­per­i­ment is ex­plained here)

EDIT: one caveat to the dis­cus­sion: it should go with­out say­ing, but you prob­a­bly shouldn’t come out of this think­ing, “Well, if we can just avoid X, Y, and Z, we’re golden!” This should hope­fully be a fun way to get us think­ing about the broader is­sue of su­per­in­teligent AI in gen­eral. (Credit goes to Elizer, RichardKen­n­away, and oth­ers for the caveat)