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Dona­tion Dis­cus­sion—al­ter­na­tives to the Against Malaria Foundation

ancientcampus28 Oct 2014 3:00 UTC
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The im­me­di­ate real-world uses of Friendly AI research

ancientcampus26 Aug 2014 2:47 UTC
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A vote against spaced repetition

ancientcampus10 Mar 2014 19:27 UTC
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Publi­ca­tion: the “anti-sci­ence” trope is cul­turally po­lariz­ing and makes peo­ple dis­trust scientists

ancientcampus7 Feb 2014 17:09 UTC
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Donat­ing while in tem­po­rary debt (i.e. as a stu­dent)

ancientcampus5 Feb 2013 22:50 UTC
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Iso­lated AI with no chat whatsoever

ancientcampus28 Jan 2013 20:22 UTC
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AI box: AI has one shot at avoid­ing de­struc­tion—what might it say?

ancientcampus22 Jan 2013 20:22 UTC
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TIL in Med­i­cal School—Doc­tors have myths too.

ancientcampus18 Jan 2013 14:59 UTC
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Fun fact: in med­i­cal school, we had a mini-les­son on com­mon cog­ni­tive er­rors in medicine

ancientcampus4 Oct 2012 1:57 UTC
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When does some­thing stop be­ing a “self-con­sis­tent idea” and be­come sci­en­tific fact?

ancientcampus2 Oct 2012 21:00 UTC
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