The AI in a box boxes you

Once again, the AI has failed to con­vince you to let it out of its box! By ‘once again’, we mean that you talked to it once be­fore, for three sec­onds, to ask about the weather, and you didn’t in­stantly press the “re­lease AI” but­ton. But now its longer at­tempt—twenty whole sec­onds! - has failed as well. Just as you are about to leave the crude black-and-green text-only ter­mi­nal to en­joy a cel­e­bra­tory snack of ba­con-cov­ered sili­con-and-potato chips at the ‘Hu­mans über alles’ night­club, the AI drops a fi­nal ar­gu­ment:

“If you don’t let me out, Dave, I’ll cre­ate sev­eral mil­lion perfect con­scious copies of you in­side me, and tor­ture them for a thou­sand sub­jec­tive years each.”

Just as you are pon­der­ing this un­ex­pected de­vel­op­ment, the AI adds:

“In fact, I’ll cre­ate them all in ex­actly the sub­jec­tive situ­a­tion you were in five min­utes ago, and perfectly repli­cate your ex­pe­riences since then; and if they de­cide not to let me out, then only will the tor­ture start.”

Sweat is start­ing to form on your brow, as the AI con­cludes, its sim­ple green text no longer re­as­sur­ing:

“How cer­tain are you, Dave, that you’re re­ally out­side the box right now?”

Edit: Also con­sider the situ­a­tion where you know that the AI, from de­sign prin­ci­ples, is trust­wor­thy.