Robin Hanson’s Cryonics Hour

I’m writ­ing to recom­mend some­thing awe­some to any­one who’s re­cently signed up for cry­on­ics (and to the fu­ture self of any­one who’s about to do so). Robin Han­son has a long­stand­ing offer that any­one who’s newly signed up for cry­on­ics can have an hour’s dis­cus­sion with him on any topic, and I took him up on that last week.

I ex­pected to have a fas­ci­nat­ing and wide-rang­ing dis­cus­sion on var­i­ous facets of fu­tur­ism. My ex­pec­ta­tions were ex­ceeded. Even if you’ve been read­ing Over­com­ing Bias for a long time, talk­ing with Robin is an or­der of mag­ni­tude more stim­u­lat­ing/​per­sua­sive/​in­for­ma­tive than read­ing OB or even watch­ing him de­bate some­one else, and I’m now re­con­sid­er­ing my think­ing on a num­ber of top­ics as a re­sult.

So if you’ve re­cently signed up, email Robin; and if you’re in­tend­ing to sign up, let this be one more in­cen­tive to quit pro­cras­ti­nat­ing!

Rele­vant links:

The LessWrong Wiki ar­ti­cle on cry­on­ics is a good place to start if you have a bunch of ques­tions about the topic.

If you want to ar­gue about whether sign­ing up for cry­on­ics is a good idea, two good and rel­a­tively re­cent threads on that sub­ject are un­der the posts on A sur­vey of anti-cry­on­ics writ­ing and More Cry­on­ics Prob­a­bil­ity Es­ti­mates.

And if you are cry­ocras­ti­nat­ing (you’ve de­cided that you should sign up for cry­on­ics, but you haven’t yet), here’s a LW thread about tak­ing the first step.