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My original background is in mathematics (analysis, topology, Banach spaces) and game theory (imperfect information games). Nowadays, I do AI alignment research (mostly systemic risks, sometimes pondering about “consequentionalist reasoning”).

[Question] What is the pur­pose and ap­pli­ca­tion of AI De­bate?

VojtaKovarik4 Apr 2024 0:38 UTC
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Ex­tinc­tion Risks from AI: In­visi­ble to Science?

21 Feb 2024 18:07 UTC
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Ex­tinc­tion-level Good­hart’s Law as a Prop­erty of the Environment

21 Feb 2024 17:56 UTC
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Dy­nam­ics Cru­cial to AI Risk Seem to Make for Com­pli­cated Models

21 Feb 2024 17:54 UTC
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Which Model Prop­er­ties are Ne­c­es­sary for Eval­u­at­ing an Ar­gu­ment?

21 Feb 2024 17:52 UTC
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