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Co-founder and CEO of Interested in mechanism design and neuroscience. Hopes to contribute to AI alignment.

Twitter: https://​​​​azsantosk

The Mar­ket Sin­gu­lar­ity: A New Perspective

azsantosk30 May 2024 7:05 UTC
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[Question] Does AI gov­er­nance needs a “Fed­er­al­ist pa­pers” de­bate?

azsantosk18 Oct 2023 21:08 UTC
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Con­tra Kevin Dorst’s Ra­tional Polarization

azsantosk22 Sep 2023 4:28 UTC
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Op­ti­miza­tion hap­pens in­side the mind, not in the world

azsantosk3 Jun 2023 21:36 UTC
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I bet $500 on AI win­ning the IMO gold medal by 2026

azsantosk11 May 2023 14:46 UTC
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