Open Thread—Jan 2022 [Vote Experiment!]

Experiment: Reaction-Ballot Voting

This open thread is using an new experimental voting system: reaction-ballot voting.

In addition to voting on a comment’s overall quality, you can also vote separately on a number of axes, and apply a small set of emoji reactions. Try out and discuss this voting system here! Notes:

  • Voting on each axis is weighted according to the voter’s karma the same way as votes are in the regular voting system. All axes can be strong-voted with click-and-hold. The commenter’s karma is only affected by your vote on the “overall” access, not your vote on any of the other axes.

  • This is one experiment among several. Bugs are possible. We’re interested in what effect this has on the quality of conversation, what the experience of voting in this system is like, and what the experience of skimming a thread and seeing these scores is like.

  • The user interface for this voting system doesn’t work well on touch/​mobile devices. Third-party clients such as GreaterWrong will only be able to see and cast overall votes, but should work fine otherwise.

Please tell us what you think! Love it/​hate it/​think it should be different? Let us know.

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