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(some of these are things that I thought & read about a lot already, others are more of a “I should do more here” thing… talk to me to find out which ones are which)

DMs here should work, you can also reach me on Discord as nobody2342 or on Telegram as @locally_cartesian. (Or ask for Matrix or Signal.)

Programming & Computations

  1. dependently typed programming & formal software verification

  2. non-standard logics (mostly constructive so far, but looking into more)


  4. how types, programming and exploitation relate to each other

  5. metaheuristics /​ old-fashioned optimisation approaches

  6. alternative approaches to software versioning, towards (non-containerised) software still usable in 100+ years

I should also learn about the current de-facto standard way of writing software (docker, JS /​ Typescript, …) at some point…


  1. According to Berlin has 18 hackspaces (tho a good chunk seems inactive /​ planned only), I’ve been to 13 of them and plan to visit the rest. I’ve also regularly been in hackspaces for over 15 years.

Planning & Knowledge Management

  1. I’m basically running a hackspace at the moment. Don’t really know a lot about planning etc., so throw valuable info my way!

  2. At some point I was using 5 tools to keep track of my plans and todos, one of them I made myself /​ am still working on. (The other tools are TaskWarrior, Complice, Obsidian and a calendar.) Currently I’m undecided between making a single “better” thing, or just waiting for LLMs to become usable locally with less knowledge /​ on worse hardware, and then let that figure out connections.


  1. things I cooked last week & what I should cook next week

  2. ways to make tasty food quickly, or with very low effort

  3. fermentation

Well-being & health

  1. dealing with chronic pain /​ body malfunctions

  2. relaxation /​ releasing tension

  3. autism problems (being overwhelmed by your surroundings and how to deal with that)

Weird Brain Philosophy Stuff

  1. What does reality feel like for you?

  2. What are the axioms of your experience?

  3. How do you shift your perception of reality?

Potential Future Interests

  1. Should I care more about EA?

A New Paradigm For Emo­tional Work And Men­tal Health

1 Dec 2023 22:32 UTC
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AI Risk Sce­nario Roleplay

7 Nov 2023 14:36 UTC
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