Vavilov Day Discussion Post

When I first wrote up my plan to fast in honor of Nikolai Vavilov and his institute staff, I conceived of it as basically a thing for myself, that might interest a few other people. It both got much more response than I expected, and more response (positive and negative) treating it as a bid for community structure rather than one of many things that someone, somewhere was doing. That wasn’t my goal and to be honest I feel trepidatious about the concept: I was going for a very specific thing and I’m simultaneously really happy it resonated with so many people and concerned about dilution

But the Vavilov Day concept clearly has enough energy behind it that I don’t feel right blocking discussion. I continue to not want to host that discussion on a personal post about my own choices, so have created this post instead.

Some things I think might be good to share here:

  • Your specific observation of Vavilov Day and how it felt (I was surprised a lot of people defaulted to a 36 hour fast; to the extent other people joined in I expected them to pick their own thing)

  • Feelings about the core concept and ontology

    • Ideally keeping discussion about the larger patron saints/​holiday anarchy discussion over on that post instead.

  • What you’d like to be different or the same for you next year.

In my ideal world, this conversation is a bunch of individuals discussing actions and ideas to figure out what works best for them. But some of the pent-up discussion is about that attitude (vs. something more community built), and I don’t get to declare my view correct by fiat. However I will ask that you keep that frame in mind and, if someone’s responses don’t make sense or seem oppressive, consider that this might be why.