Reacts now enabled on 100% of posts, though still just experimenting

Update 3

We’ve just released our first draft of Inline Reacts. See this comment for more information. It’s currently only enabled on this post, but if it seems to be working smoothly/​intuitively we may roll it out for more posts.

Update 2

I’ve now enabled reacts by default on all new posts. I’ve updated that we need to get data more quickly, and at the current rate of new posts and comments, we probably wouldn’t have a sample size to do interesting comparisons anyhow.

I expect the team to focus on Reacts for the next week, then let them sit for a longer period with some tweaks, and then make a call about whether or not to keep them (and with what design).


We’re progressing the reacts experiments to now have reacts enabled on 50% of more posts (by default). We hope to get more data this way and figure out if the reacts should be part of the site longterm (and how to make them good).

If you do/​don’t like having them on your post, you can change this in the edit settings (see below).

LessWrong is experimenting with the addition of reacts to the site, as per the recent experimental Open Thread. We are now progressing to the next stage of the experiment: trying out reacts in actual discussion threads.

The dev/​moderator team will be proactively looking for posts to enable to react voting on (with author permission), but also any user can enable it themselves to help us experiment:

  • When creating or editing a post, expand the “Options” section at the bottom and change the Voting system to Names-attached reactions

The admins will also be on the lookout for good posts to enable reacts on (with author permission).

Iterating on the react palette

We’re continuing to think about what reacts should be available. Thanks to everyone who’s weighed in so far.

I just spent time today and yesterday adding a range of new reacts and sorting them, with a focus on reacts that express LessWrong-style conversational moves. Hover-overs tooltips have a longer description that you can view on the live thing (reacts are enabled on this post).

We’ll be tracking which ones get used, but please comment here with further feedback and requests. In other places, it’d be cool if people said things like “wish I could react with X” for various values of X.

Different palette views

Raemon made it so you can change how you view the palette. See the options at the top there:

The options are:

  • List

  • Mixed List and Grid

  • Grid of Icons (no text)

  • Grid with Names

Long-term I expect we’ll have just one view, but we’ve made several available so people can give feedback on which they prefer.

Currently live reacts are getting tweaked and might shift slightly

Reacts are experimental! We’re continuing to add new reacts but also edit and delete existing ones. This means that some reacts will be deprecated (and might disappear) and also that some will have their meaning tweaked. E.g. we might change the “Roll to disbelieve” react to just be “Skeptical”, and things like that. So during this experimental phase, be warned that people might have clicked a react with a slightly adjacent meaning. We’ll try to avoid doing this too much.

Reacts aren’t ready for mobile yet

It’s a large design challenge to make reacts work on mobile as well as desktop, so we’ll do that if the experiment seems worth turning into a permanent site feature. Till then, you’ll have the most luck with reacts on desktop.