Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 2

ETA: There is now a third thread, so send new com­ments there.

Since the first thread has ex­ceeded 500 com­ments, it seems time for a new one, with Eliezer’s just-posted Chap­ter 33 & 34 to kick things off.

From pre­vi­ous post:

Spoiler Warn­ing: this thread con­tains un­rot13′d spoilers for Harry Pot­ter and the Meth­ods of Ra­tion­al­ity up to the cur­rent chap­ter and for the origi­nal Harry Pot­ter se­ries. Please con­tinue to use rot13 for spoilers to other works of fic­tion, or if you have in­sider knowl­edge of fu­ture chap­ters of Harry Pot­ter and the Meth­ods of Ra­tion­al­ity.

A sug­ges­tion: men­tion at the top of your com­ment which chap­ter you’re com­ment­ing on, or what chap­ter you’re up to, so that peo­ple can un­der­stand the con­text of your com­ment even af­ter more chap­ters have been posted. This can also help peo­ple avoid read­ing spoilers for a new chap­ter be­fore they re­al­ize that there is a new chap­ter.