Where are we?

I’m en­joy­ing less­wrong.com a lot so far, and it sounds like the last LW/​​OB meetup was a lot of fun. MBlume asks:

So far there’ve only been LW/​OB mee­tups in the Bay area—is there any way we could plot the ge­o­graphic dis­tri­bu­tion of LW mem­bers and de­ter­mine whether there are other spots where we could get a good meetup go­ing?

I don’t think that there are so many of us that we need an au­to­mated sys­tem for this; the thread­ing sys­tem should be enough.I’ll post a few top-level com­ments for var­i­ous parts of the world, and en­courage you all to fol­low up and tell us where you are. Ideally, find a com­ment that has where you live in it already and add “me too”.

I’ll try to keep this post up­dated with use­ful things. I can’t wait to play Para­noid De­bat­ing!

Edit: Please don’t post where you live in a new top-level com­ment! Try to find a com­ment refer­ring to the rough ge­o­graphic re­gion you live in and post un­der that; it’ll make this post eas­ier to nav­i­gate. I’ve di­vided the world into three (North Amer­ica, Europe, ev­ery­where else); post­ing un­der those com­ments will help. Thanks!