Cli­mate Change


[Question] Can we re­ally pre­vent all warm­ing for less than 10B$ with the mostly side-effect free geo­eng­ineer­ing tech­nique of Marine Cloud Bright­en­ing?

mako yass5 Aug 2019 0:12 UTC
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Slimepriestess6 Sep 2020 18:30 UTC
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[Question] If Star­ship works, how much would it cost to cre­ate a sys­tem of rotable space mir­rors that re­duces tem­per­a­tures on earth by 1° C?

ChristianKl14 Sep 2020 18:46 UTC
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Chas­ing Infinities

Michael Bateman16 Aug 2021 1:19 UTC
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[Question] Anatomy of a full school cli­mate strike

tcelferact22 Aug 2021 15:17 UTC
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[Question] Is there any for­mal ar­gu­ment that cli­mate change needs to more ex­treme weather events?

ChristianKl31 May 2022 9:01 UTC
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Is Gas Green?

ChristianKl21 Jul 2022 10:30 UTC
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A Pin and a Bal­loon: An­thropic Frag­ility In­creases Chances of Ru­n­away Global Warm­ing

avturchin11 Sep 2022 10:25 UTC
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How to Think About Cli­mate Models and How to Im­prove Them

clans7 Dec 2022 19:37 UTC
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You’re En­ti­tled to Ar­gu­ments, But Not (That Par­tic­u­lar) Proof

Eliezer Yudkowsky15 Feb 2010 7:58 UTC
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Should We Still Fly?

jefftk20 Dec 2019 2:00 UTC
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Cli­mate tech­nol­ogy primer (1/​3): basics

amarbles25 Oct 2019 23:18 UTC
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Lazy Com­post is Worse Than Landfill

jefftk15 Nov 2019 16:20 UTC
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The Power to Solve Cli­mate Change

Liron12 Sep 2019 18:37 UTC
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[LINK] Cli­mate change and food security

[deleted]14 Apr 2013 11:11 UTC
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Cli­mate change: ex­is­ten­tial risk?

katydee6 May 2011 6:19 UTC
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Cli­mate sci­ence: how it mat­ters for un­der­stand­ing fore­cast­ing, ma­te­ri­als I’ve read or plan to read, sources of po­ten­tial bias

VipulNaik7 Jul 2014 16:18 UTC
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Weather and cli­mate fore­cast­ing: how the challenges differ by time horizon

VipulNaik4 Jul 2014 15:28 UTC
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Biofuels a cli­mate mistake

morganism9 Oct 2016 21:16 UTC
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Car­bon diox­ide, cli­mate sen­si­tivity, feed­backs, and the his­tor­i­cal record: a cur­sory ex­am­i­na­tion of the An­thro­pogenic Global Warm­ing (AGW) hypothesis

VipulNaik8 Jul 2014 1:58 UTC
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Re­search on cli­mate organizations

KatjaGrace2 Dec 2013 5:21 UTC
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High level cli­mate in­ter­ven­tion considerations

KatjaGrace16 Aug 2013 11:00 UTC
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Red Team­ing Cli­mate Change Re­search—Should some­one be red-team­ing Ra­tion­al­ity/​EA too?

casebash7 Jul 2017 2:16 UTC
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Po­ten­tial Im­pacts of Cli­mate Change

JonahS22 May 2013 7:22 UTC
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Svante Ar­rhe­nius’s Pre­dic­tion of Cli­mate Change

JonahS10 Jul 2013 23:00 UTC
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The in­su­lar­ity cri­tique of cli­mate science

VipulNaik9 Jul 2014 1:17 UTC
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[LINK] Want to Sway Cli­mate Change Skep­tics? Ask About Their Per­sonal Strengths (And Show Pic­tures!)

David_Gerard14 Sep 2011 20:05 UTC
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[QUESTION]: What are your views on cli­mate change, and how did you form them?

VipulNaik8 Jul 2014 14:52 UTC
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Risk of Mass Hu­man Suffer­ing /​ Ex­tinc­tion due to Cli­mate Emer­gency

willfranks14 Mar 2019 18:32 UTC
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[Question] Why is the ni­tro­gen cy­cle so un­der-em­pha­sized com­pared to cli­mate change

ChristianKl6 Aug 2019 9:25 UTC
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Time se­ries fore­cast­ing for global tem­per­a­ture: an out­side view of cli­mate forecasting

VipulNaik7 Jul 2014 16:25 UTC
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[Question] What are the best re­sources for ex­am­in­ing the ev­i­dence for an­thro­pogenic cli­mate change?

Matthew Barnett6 Aug 2019 2:53 UTC
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[Question] Ra­tion­al­ity and Cli­mate Change

Emiya5 Oct 2020 10:21 UTC
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[Question] What does the re­ac­tion to NFTs tell us about how peo­ple eval­u­ate ecolog­i­cal dam­age?

sxae24 Mar 2021 16:01 UTC
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[Question] What are some good ar­gu­ments against build­ing new nu­clear power plants?

RomanS12 Aug 2022 7:32 UTC
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Cli­mate-con­tin­gent Fi­nance, and A Gen­er­al­ized Mechanism for X-Risk Re­duc­tion Financing

John Nay26 Sep 2022 13:23 UTC
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