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Physics-based early warn­ing sig­nal shows that AMOC is on tip­ping course

Annapurna16 Feb 2024 22:07 UTC
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[Question] How can the world han­dle the HAMAS situ­a­tion?

Annapurna13 Oct 2023 9:15 UTC
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‘We’re chang­ing the clouds.’ An un­fore­seen test of geo­eng­ineer­ing is fuel­ing record ocean warmth

Annapurna6 Aug 2023 20:58 UTC
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The First Room-Tem­per­a­ture Am­bi­ent-Pres­sure Superconductor

Annapurna26 Jul 2023 2:27 UTC
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An Overview of Sparks of Ar­tifi­cial Gen­eral In­tel­li­gence: Early ex­per­i­ments with GPT-4

Annapurna27 Mar 2023 13:44 UTC
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[Question] Ways to pre­pare to a vastly new world?

Annapurna26 Feb 2023 4:56 UTC
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[Question] Look­ing for ideas of pub­lic as­sets (stocks, funds, ETFs) that I can in­vest in to have a chance at prof­it­ing from the mass adop­tion and com­mer­cial­iza­tion of AI technology

Annapurna7 Dec 2022 22:35 UTC
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The FTX Saga—Simplified

Annapurna16 Nov 2022 2:42 UTC
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