[Question] Rationality and Climate Change

My master thesis was on the subject of climate change and mass media attitude toward it. Working on it, I’ve read over 300 newspaper articles on the subject and studied a large number of papers regarding its consequences, its solutions, and the attempts to frame the debate over them, so I consider myself to be well informed on it.

In the months I’ve been on this site though, I’ve been greatly surprised by the apparent unconcerned attitude many of the users have toward this theme.

Given that

  1. to the best of my knowledge, I think that we should instead be very concerned

  2. the subject is certainly of a great relevance since a lot of investments and global consequences in the future years will revolve around it

  3. we can’t just agree to disagree

I plan to write a post that would cover this subject and hopefully resolve the disagreement.

Before doing that, though, I’d find extremely useful if people would write me what they believe, feel and anticipate about climate change, its future consequences and the processes that would be required to stop it, and why they think they believe, feel and anticipate that way.

I’m greatly interested in receiving replies both from people feeling alarmed and from people not feeling alarmed.

If, while reading this question or writing me your reply, you realised you’d like to document yourself more on the subject and update your beliefs, that’s perfectly fine, but I’d ask that you write me your thoughts about it before doing so. If you, instead, already documented about it before reading this question, that’s perfectly fine and I’d like to read your thoughts anyway.

What I’m trying to understand are the beliefs of the users of this site at the current moment.

You can be as synthetic or detailed as you’d like, and can write me either a reply under this post or a private message.

I’d like to thank in advance everyone who’ll send me their thoughts and who’ll dedicate this question a bit of their time.