Risk of Mass Human Suffering /​ Extinction due to Climate Emergency

The good folks at Ex­tinc­tion Re­bel­lion are work­ing crazy hard to pro­mote the sci­en­tific case for im­pend­ing so­cietal and eco­nomic col­lapse due to cli­mate change.

This is their talk pre­sent­ing that case: Head­ing for Ex­tinc­tion and What to Do About It

I’m cu­ri­ous as to whether this (less­wrong /​EA) com­mu­nity finds the case sci­en­tifi­cally con­vinc­ing, and fur­ther, whether their strat­egy for non­vi­o­lent di­rect ac­tion (i.e. tak­ing to the streets and not mov­ing un­til the gov­ern­ment re­spond to de­mands) is the best plan of ac­tion (given the ap­par­ently mount­ing ur­gency of ac­tion on car­bon emis­sions)?