Lesswrong Survey—invitation for suggestions

Given that it’s been a while since the last sur­vey (http://​​less­wrong.com/​​lw/​​lhg/​​2014_sur­vey_re­sults/​​)

It’s now time to open the floor to sug­ges­tions of im­prove­ments to the last sur­vey. If you have a ques­tion you think should be on the sur­vey (per­haps with rea­sons why, pre­dic­tions as to the re­sult, or other use­ful com­men­tary about a sur­vey ques­tion)

Alter­na­tively ques­tions that should not be in­cluded in the next sur­vey, with similar rea­sons as to why...

sur­vey is now up (2016-03-26) http://​​less­wrong.com/​​lw/​​nfk/​​less­wrong_2016_sur­vey/​​