[Question] Where’s the economic incentive for wokism coming from?

I’m trying to understand why several systems (Hollywood, Disney, universities, probably others) that are normally quite profit-focused are leaning so hard woke.

I get the thing about how, if you don’t go woke hard enough, you could get canceled, which is bad for business. That’s some push.

But there’s a counter-push of “Lots of people don’t like being lectured about politics when they’re seeking entertainment” (for instance).

It’s not at all clear to me that the first effect is so utterly hugely enormously larger than the second that the profit incentive would cause so many companies to swing hard woke.

Likewise, I could understand some ideological capture. But unless this had profit appeal I would expect the market to just… eat pure but incomplete ideological capture after a while (as per the right’s chant of “get woke, go broke”).

So… what gives? What am I missing here?