Nat­u­ral Abstraction

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The Natural Abstraction hypothesis says that:

Our physical world abstracts well: for most systems, the information relevant “far away” from the system (in various senses) is much lower-dimensional than the system itself. These low-dimensional summaries are exactly the high-level abstract objects/​concepts typically used by humans.

These abstractions are “natural”: a wide variety of cognitive architectures will learn to use approximately the same high-level abstract objects/​concepts to reason about the world.

(from “Testing the Natural Abstraction Hypothesis”)

Nat­u­ral Ab­strac­tions: Key claims, The­o­rems, and Critiques

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Take 4: One prob­lem with nat­u­ral ab­strac­tions is there’s too many of them.

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Take 5: Another prob­lem for nat­u­ral ab­strac­tions is laz­i­ness.

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Rele­vant to nat­u­ral ab­strac­tions: Eu­clidean Sym­me­try Equiv­ar­i­ant Ma­chine Learn­ing—Overview, Ap­pli­ca­tions, and Open Questions

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Si­mu­lacra are Things

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[Ap­pendix] Nat­u­ral Ab­strac­tions: Key Claims, The­o­rems, and Critiques

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If Went­worth is right about nat­u­ral ab­strac­tions, it would be bad for alignment

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An em­bed­ding de­coder model, trained with a differ­ent ob­jec­tive on a differ­ent dataset, can de­code an­other model’s em­bed­dings sur­pris­ingly accurately

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The util­ity of hu­mans within a Su­per Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence realm.

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Nat­u­ral Ab­strac­tion: Con­ver­gent Prefer­ences Over In­for­ma­tion Structures

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