Boun­ties & Prizes (ac­tive)

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A bounty is a monetary payment for accomplishing some task. On LessWrong, bounties have historically been paid out for things like providing useful information, doing a novel piece of research, or changing someone’s mind about a topic.

This tag is for bounties that are actively accepting submissions. (It has a sister for bounties that have closed.)

Bounties might be listed in the post itself or in its comments.

If you’re hosting a bounty, please make sure to change the tags to indicate the status of the bounty.

See also: Bounties (closed), Grants and fundraising opportunities, Bountied Rationality Facebook group

Cal­ling for Stu­dent Sub­mis­sions: AI Safety Distil­la­tion Contest

Aris24 Apr 2022 1:53 UTC
48 points
15 comments4 min readLW link

£2000 bounty—con­tra­cep­tives (and UTI) liter­a­ture review

Chi Nguyen15 Sep 2021 22:37 UTC
70 points
14 comments2 min readLW link

$1000 bounty for OpenAI to show whether GPT3 was “de­liber­ately” pre­tend­ing to be stupi­der than it is

jacobjacob21 Jul 2020 18:42 UTC
54 points
40 comments2 min readLW link

[$10k bounty] Read and com­pile Robin Han­son’s best posts

Richard_Ngo20 Oct 2021 22:03 UTC
131 points
30 comments1 min readLW link

[$20K in Prizes] AI Safety Ar­gu­ments Competition

26 Apr 2022 16:13 UTC
69 points
540 comments3 min readLW link

Thomas Kwa’s Bounty List

Thomas Kwa13 Jun 2020 0:03 UTC
12 points
14 comments1 min readLW link

An­nounc­ing the Fore­cast­ing In­no­va­tion Prize

15 Nov 2020 21:12 UTC
68 points
5 comments2 min readLW link

How much chess en­g­ine progress is about adapt­ing to big­ger com­put­ers?

paulfchristiano7 Jul 2021 22:35 UTC
112 points
23 comments6 min readLW link

Visi­ble Thoughts Pro­ject and Bounty Announcement

So8res30 Nov 2021 0:19 UTC
239 points
104 comments13 min readLW link

$1000 USD prize—Cir­cu­lar Depen­dency of Counterfactuals

Chris_Leong1 Jan 2022 9:43 UTC
37 points
114 comments4 min readLW link

PIBBSS Fel­low­ship: Bounty for Refer­rals & Dead­line Extension

Anna Gajdova17 Jan 2022 16:23 UTC
7 points
0 comments1 min readLW link

Effec­tive Ideas is an­nounc­ing a $100,000 blog prize

fin7 Mar 2022 21:45 UTC
43 points
2 comments2 min readLW link

[Question] What are some real life Inad­e­quate Equil­ibria?

Eli Tyre29 Jan 2021 12:17 UTC
49 points
63 comments3 min readLW link

Im­pact­ful Fore­cast­ing Prize for fore­cast write­ups on cu­rated Me­tac­u­lus questions

4 Feb 2022 20:06 UTC
36 points
1 comment4 min readLW link

Prize for Align­ment Re­search Tasks

29 Apr 2022 8:57 UTC
61 points
36 comments10 min readLW link

An­nounc­ing the Clearer Think­ing Re­grants program

spencerg17 Jun 2022 13:14 UTC
36 points
1 comment1 min readLW link
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