Chi Nguyen

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How to do con­cep­tual re­search: Case study in­ter­view with Cas­par Oesterheld

Chi Nguyen14 May 2024 15:09 UTC
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[Question] (When) Should you work through the night when in­spira­tion strikes you?

Chi Nguyen23 Apr 2024 21:07 UTC
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Slim overview of work one could do to make AI go bet­ter (and a grab-bag of other ca­reer con­sid­er­a­tions)

Chi Nguyen20 Mar 2024 23:17 UTC
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AI things that are per­haps as im­por­tant as hu­man-con­trol­led AI (Chi ver­sion)

Chi Nguyen3 Mar 2024 18:07 UTC
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Ev­i­den­tial Co­op­er­a­tion in Large Wor­lds: Po­ten­tial Ob­jec­tions & FAQ

28 Feb 2024 18:58 UTC
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Everett branches, in­ter-light cone trade and other alien mat­ters: Ap­pendix to “An ECL ex­plainer”

24 Feb 2024 23:09 UTC
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Co­op­er­at­ing with aliens and AGIs: An ECL explainer

24 Feb 2024 22:58 UTC
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Com­plex­ity of value but not dis­value im­plies more fo­cus on s-risk. Mo­ral un­cer­tainty and prefer­ence util­i­tar­i­anism also do.

Chi Nguyen23 Feb 2024 6:10 UTC
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