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DeepMind is an AI research laboratory that was acquired by Google in 2014. It is known for several record-breaking AI algorithms, often named with the prefix “Alpha”, e.g. including AlphaGo, AlphaGo Zero, AlphaStar and AlphaFold.

The un­ex­pected difficulty of com­par­ing AlphaS­tar to humans

Richard Korzekwa 18 Sep 2019 2:20 UTC
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AlphaGo Zero and the Foom Debate

Eliezer Yudkowsky21 Oct 2017 2:18 UTC
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AlphaGo Zero and ca­pa­bil­ity amplification

paulfchristiano9 Jan 2019 0:40 UTC
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AlphaS­tar: Im­pres­sive for RL progress, not for AGI progress

orthonormal2 Nov 2019 1:50 UTC
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What Ev­i­dence Is AlphaGo Zero Re AGI Com­plex­ity?

RobinHanson22 Oct 2017 2:28 UTC
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A com­ment on the IDA-AlphaGoZero metaphor; ca­pa­bil­ities ver­sus alignment

AlexMennen11 Jul 2018 1:03 UTC
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What is “pro­tein fold­ing”? A brief explanation

jasoncrawford1 Dec 2020 2:46 UTC
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“AlphaS­tar: Mas­ter­ing the Real-Time Strat­egy Game StarCraft II”, Deep­Mind [won 10 of 11 games against hu­man pros]

gwern24 Jan 2019 20:49 UTC
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2018 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks18 Dec 2018 4:46 UTC
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[Question] Is AlphaZero any good with­out the tree search?

Steven Byrnes30 Jun 2019 16:41 UTC
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[1911.08265] Mas­ter­ing Atari, Go, Chess and Shogi by Plan­ning with a Learned Model | Arxiv

DragonGod21 Nov 2019 1:18 UTC
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Deep­mind has made a gen­eral in­duc­tor (“Mak­ing sense of sen­sory in­put”)

MakoYass2 Feb 2021 2:54 UTC
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Mas­ter­ing Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a Gen­eral Re­in­force­ment Learn­ing Algorithm

DragonGod6 Dec 2017 6:01 UTC
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AlphaGo ver­sus Lee Sedol

gjm9 Mar 2016 12:22 UTC
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Gw­ern about cen­taurs: there is no chance that any use­ful man+ma­chine com­bi­na­tion will work to­gether for more than 10 years, as hu­mans soon will be only a liability

avturchin15 Dec 2018 21:32 UTC
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[Link] AlphaGo: Mas­ter­ing the an­cient game of Go with Ma­chine Learning

ESRogs27 Jan 2016 21:04 UTC
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[Question] How long till In­verse AlphaFold?

Daniel Kokotajlo17 Dec 2020 19:56 UTC
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