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[Question] Do LLMs Im­ple­ment NLP Al­gorithms for Bet­ter Next To­ken Pre­dic­tions?

simeon_c19 Sep 2023 12:28 UTC
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[Question] In the Short-Term, Why Couldn’t You Just RLHF-out In­stru­men­tal Con­ver­gence?

simeon_c16 Sep 2023 10:44 UTC
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AGI x An­i­mal Welfare: A High-EV Outreach Op­por­tu­nity?

simeon_c28 Jun 2023 20:44 UTC
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The Cruel Trade-Off Between AI Mi­suse and AI X-risk Concerns

simeon_c22 Apr 2023 13:49 UTC
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AI Takeover Sce­nario with Scaled LLMs

simeon_c16 Apr 2023 23:28 UTC
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