Random LW-parodying Statement Generator

So, I were look­ing at this, and then sud­denly this thing hap­pened.


New ver­sion! I up­dated the link above to it as well. Added LOADS and LOADS of new con­tent, al­though I’m not en­tirely sure if it’s ac­tu­ally more fun (my guess is there’s more to­tal fun due to var­ity, but that it’s more diluted).

I ended up work­ing on this ba­si­cally the en­tire day to day, and im­ple­mented prac­ti­cally all my ideas I have so far, ex­cept for some gram­mar is­sues that’d re­quire dis­pro­por­tionately much work. So un­less there are loads of sug­ges­tions or my brain comes up with lots of new ideas over the next few days, this may be the last ver­sion in a while and I may call it beta and ask for spell-check. Still alpha as of writ­ing this thou.

Since there were some close calls already, I’ll restate this ex­plic­itly: I’d be eas­ier for ev­ery­one if there weren’t any forks for at least a few more days, even ones just for spell-check­ing. After that/​I move this to beta feel more than free to do what­ever you want.

Thanks to ev­ery­one who com­mented! ^_^

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Cred­its: http://​​less­wrong.com/​​lw/​​d2w/​​cards_against_ra­tio­nal­ity/​​ , http://​​less­wrong.com/​​lw/​​9ki/​​shit_ra­tio­nal­ists_say/​​ , var­i­ous peo­ple com­ment­ing on this ar­ti­cle with sug­ges­tions, ran­dom peo­ple on the bay12 fo­rums that helped me with the en­g­ine this is a de­scen­dent from ages ago.