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Goal-directedness is the property of some system to be aiming at some goal. It is in need of formalization, but might prove important in deciding which kind of AI to try to align.

A goal may be defined as a world-state that an agent tries to achieve. Goal-directed agents may generate internal representations of desired end states, compare them against their internal representation of the current state of the world, and formulate plans for navigating from the latter to the former.

The goal-generating function may be derived from a pre-programmed lookup table (for simple worlds), from directly inverting the agent’s utility function (for simple utility functions), or it may be learned through experience mapping states to rewards and predicting which states will produce the largest rewards. The plan-generating algorithm could range from shortest-path algorithms like A* or Dijkstra’s algorithm (for fully-representable world graphs), to policy functions that learn through RL which actions bring the current state closer to the goal state (for simple AI), to some combination or extrapolation (for more advanced AI).

Implicit goal-directedness may come about in agents that do not have explicit internal representations of goals but that nevertheless learn or enact policies that cause the environment to converge on a certain state or set of states. Such implicit goal-directedness may arise, for instance, in simple reinforcement learning agents, which learn a policy function that maps states directly to actions.

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