Boundaries /​ Mem­branes [tech­ni­cal]

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All posts related to the concept of boundaries /​ membranes. A quick explanation, as quoted from Andrew Critch in March 2023:

By boundaries, I just mean the approximate causal separation of regions in some kind of physical space (e.g., spacetime) or abstract space (e.g., cyberspace). Here are some examples from my «Boundaries» Sequence:

  • a cell membrane (separates the inside of a cell from the outside);

  • a person’s skin (separates the inside of their body from the outside);

  • a fence around a family’s yard (separates the family’s place of living-together from neighbors and others);

  • a digital firewall around a local area network (separates the LAN and its users from the rest of the internet);

  • a sustained disassociation of social groups (separates the two groups from each other)

  • a national border (separates a state from neighboring states or international waters).

Also, beware:

When I say boundary, I don’t just mean an arbitrary constraint or social norm.

It is for this reason that some of us (including me, @Chipmonk) elect to not use the term “boundaries” alone, but also use the term “membranes”.

For «boundaries»-AI alignment relations, see «Boundaries» and AI safety compilation.

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«Boundaries/​Mem­branes» and AI safety compilation

Chipmonk3 May 2023 21:41 UTC
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«Boundaries» for for­mal­iz­ing an MVP morality

Chipmonk13 May 2023 19:10 UTC
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«Boundaries», Part 1: a key miss­ing con­cept from util­ity theory

Andrew_Critch26 Jul 2022 23:03 UTC
158 points
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Davi­dad’s Bold Plan for Align­ment: An In-Depth Explanation

19 Apr 2023 16:09 UTC
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«Boundaries», Part 3a: Defin­ing bound­aries as di­rected Markov blankets

Andrew_Critch30 Oct 2022 6:31 UTC
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«Boundaries», Part 3b: Align­ment prob­lems in terms of bound­aries

Andrew_Critch14 Dec 2022 22:34 UTC
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«Boundaries» Se­quence (In­dex Post)

Andrew_Critch26 Jul 2022 19:12 UTC
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«Boundaries», Part 2: trends in EA’s han­dling of boundaries

Andrew_Critch6 Aug 2022 0:42 UTC
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Boundaries vs Frames

Scott Garrabrant31 Oct 2022 15:14 UTC
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Acausal normalcy

Andrew_Critch3 Mar 2023 23:34 UTC
165 points
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“Mem­branes” is bet­ter ter­minol­ogy than “bound­aries” alone

28 May 2023 22:16 UTC
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Em­pow­er­ment is (al­most) All We Need

jacob_cannell23 Oct 2022 21:48 UTC
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Embed­ded Agency (full-text ver­sion)

15 Nov 2018 19:49 UTC
169 points
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LOVE in a sim­box is all you need

jacob_cannell28 Sep 2022 18:25 UTC
62 points
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Agents Over Carte­sian World Models

27 Apr 2021 2:06 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the Align­ment of Com­plex Sys­tems Re­search Group

4 Jun 2022 4:10 UTC
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Re­spect for Boundaries as non-ar­bir­trary co­or­di­na­tion norms

Jonas Hallgren9 May 2023 19:42 UTC
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Roadmap for a col­lab­o­ra­tive pro­to­type of an Open Agency Architecture

Deger Turan10 May 2023 17:41 UTC
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«Boundaries» as Markov blan­kets, ex­plained con­cep­tu­ally [seek­ing illus­tra­tor] (draft)

Chipmonk15 May 2023 17:44 UTC
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My cur­rent re­search ques­tions for «mem­branes/​bound­aries»

Chipmonk30 May 2023 15:48 UTC
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Hunches for my cur­rent re­search ques­tions for «mem­branes/​bound­aries»

Chipmonk30 May 2023 15:48 UTC
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Car­tog­ra­phy, blow­ing one’s mind, the illu­sion of sep­a­ra­tion and other gen­eral musings

Neil 16 Jun 2023 19:19 UTC
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Are eth­i­cal asym­me­tries from prop­erty rights?

KatjaGrace2 Jul 2018 3:00 UTC
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Agency from a causal perspective

30 Jun 2023 17:37 UTC
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Desider­ata for an AI

Nathan Helm-Burger19 Jul 2023 16:18 UTC
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What is in­side an agent’s «mem­brane»? A brief ab­stract model

Chipmonk30 May 2023 15:52 UTC
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con­cep­tu­al­iz­ing in­fil­tra­tion and exfil­tra­tion from the «Boundaries» Sequence

Chipmonk22 Apr 2023 23:41 UTC
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For­mal­iz­ing «Boundaries» with Markov blan­kets + Crit­i­cism of this approach

Chipmonk19 Sep 2023 21:01 UTC
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A short cri­tique of «Boundaries» Part 2: ex­am­ple 1. Ex­pan­sive Thinking

Chipmonk30 May 2023 15:01 UTC
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En­cul­tured AI Pre-plan­ning, Part 1: En­abling New Benchmarks

8 Aug 2022 22:44 UTC
63 points
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Con­tent and Take­aways from SERI MATS Train­ing Pro­gram with John Wentworth

RohanS24 Dec 2022 4:17 UTC
28 points
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An Open Agency Ar­chi­tec­ture for Safe Trans­for­ma­tive AI

davidad20 Dec 2022 13:04 UTC
65 points
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The Hu­man-AI Reflec­tive Equilibrium

Allison Duettmann24 Jan 2023 1:32 UTC
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Boundaries en­able pos­i­tive ma­te­rial-in­for­ma­tional feed­back loops

jessicata22 Dec 2018 2:46 UTC
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Boundaries-based se­cu­rity and AI safety approaches

Allison Duettmann12 Apr 2023 12:36 UTC
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Con­se­quen­tial­ists: One-Way Pat­tern Traps

David Udell16 Jan 2023 20:48 UTC
53 points
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[AN #127]: Re­think­ing agency: Carte­sian frames as a for­mal­iza­tion of ways to carve up the world into an agent and its environment

Rohin Shah2 Dec 2020 18:20 UTC
53 points
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The Learn­ing-The­o­retic Agenda: Sta­tus 2023

Vanessa Kosoy19 Apr 2023 5:21 UTC
123 points
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