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CS and Math undergrad at Columbia interested in pursuing technical AI alignment research (probably). Involved with running Columbia Effective Altruism and Columbia AI Alignment Club (CAIAC).

Notes on “How do we be­come con­fi­dent in the safety of a ma­chine learn­ing sys­tem?”

RohanS26 Oct 2023 3:13 UTC
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Quick Thoughts on Lan­guage Models

RohanS18 Jul 2023 20:38 UTC
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~100 In­ter­est­ing Questions

RohanS30 Mar 2023 13:57 UTC
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A Thor­ough In­tro­duc­tion to Abstraction

RohanS13 Jan 2023 0:30 UTC
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Con­tent and Take­aways from SERI MATS Train­ing Pro­gram with John Wentworth

RohanS24 Dec 2022 4:17 UTC
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Fol­low along with Columbia EA’s Ad­vanced AI Safety Fel­low­ship!

RohanS2 Jul 2022 17:45 UTC
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