Tags Discussion/​Talk Thread

The LessWrong dev team is hard at work cre­at­ing Talk Pages/​Dis­cus­sion pages for tags. When they’re done, ev­ery tag page will have a cor­re­spond­ing talk page which lets users dis­cuss changes and im­prove­ments re­lated to that tag.

We don’t have that yet, so in the mean­time, please make com­ments you have about tags (gen­er­ally or for spe­cific-tags) here. If you’re talk­ing about a spe­cific tag, of course, make sure to link to it. You might also want to link back to your com­ment in the body of the tag de­scrip­tion, e.g., “Tag Dis­cus­sion here”

Ex­am­ples of things you might com­ment about a tag:

  • Wow, this is a great tag! /​ I think this tag makes no sense.

  • I pro­pose re­nam­ing this tag to X for clar­ity.

  • I want feed­back on these pro­posed changes to this tag de­scrip­tion.

  • I am con­fused why <post> has been tagged un­der this tag.

  • I have made sev­eral im­prove­ments. Mods, please re­view this tag’s grad­ing. I think it is now a B-Class tag.


  • Why doesn’t a tag for Z ex­ist?

  • I re­ally want <fea­ture>, that would make my life much bet­ter.

  • <Thing> seems bro­ken.

Also, feel free to use this space to claim credit for tags you’ve worked hard to make great! (we’ll give you karma!)

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