Tags Discussion/​Talk Thread

The LessWrong dev team is hard at work creating Talk Pages/​Discussion pages for tags. When they’re done, every tag page will have a corresponding talk page which lets users discuss changes and improvements related to that tag.

We don’t have that yet, so in the meantime, please make comments you have about tags (generally or for specific-tags) here. If you’re talking about a specific tag, of course, make sure to link to it. You might also want to link back to your comment in the body of the tag description, e.g., “Tag Discussion here”

Examples of things you might comment about a tag:

  • Wow, this is a great tag! /​ I think this tag makes no sense.

  • I propose renaming this tag to X for clarity.

  • I want feedback on these proposed changes to this tag description.

  • I am confused why <post> has been tagged under this tag.

  • I have made several improvements. Mods, please review this tag’s grading. I think it is now a B-Class tag.


  • Why doesn’t a tag for Z exist?

  • I really want <feature>, that would make my life much better.

  • <Thing> seems broken.

Also, feel free to use this space to claim credit for tags you’ve worked hard to make great! (we’ll give you karma!)

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