Three Worlds Collide

“The kind of classic fifties-era first-contact story that Jonathan Swift might have written, if Jonathan Swift had had a background in game theory.”
-- (Hugo nominee) Peter Watts, “In Praise of Baby-Eating

Three Worlds Collide is a story I wrote to illustrate some points on naturalistic metaethics and diverse other issues of rational conduct. It grew, as such things do, into a small novella. On publication, it proved widely popular and widely criticized. Be warned that the story, as it wrote itself, ended up containing some profanity and PG-13 content.

(PDF is here. Old contents post with comments is here.)

The Baby-Eat­ing Aliens (1/​8)

War and/​or Peace (2/​8)

The Su­per Happy Peo­ple (3/​8)

In­ter­lude with the Con­fes­sor (4/​8)

Three Wor­lds De­cide (5/​8)

Nor­mal End­ing: Last Tears (6/​8)

True End­ing: Sacri­fi­cial Fire (7/​8)

Epi­logue: Atone­ment (8/​8)