Slack and the Sabbath

A series of meditations on freedom to do the things you care about.

Some things are fundamentally Out to Get You.
They seek resources at your expense. Fees are hidden. Extra options are foisted upon you. Things are made intentionally worse, forcing you to pay to make it less worse. Everything is data to sell you something, rather than an opportunity to help you.
When something is out to get you, if you aren’t careful, it can take all your resources—your time, you money, your attention.
This matters, more deeply than you might realize. It’s not just that you need your resources. You need enough resources to have slack: freedom from constraints that might bind you.
Slack means margin of error. You can relax. You can explore and pursue opportunities. You can plan for the long term. You can stick to principles and do the right thing.

0. Main Sequence

Out to Get You

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Sab­bath hard and go home

Bring Back the Sabbath

Sab­bath Commentary

1. Community Discussion

Con­fes­sions of a Slacker

Slack for your be­lief system

Sa­cred Cash

Guard­ing Slack vs Substance

The Amish, and Strate­gic Norms around Technology

Slack gives you space to no­tice/​re­flect on sub­tle things

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