Modes of Petrov Day

Last updated Sept 16, 2019

September 26 is Petrov Day.
In 1983, the story of humanity nearly ended. We’re gathered here to remember that moment, and others like it.
But to experience the magnitude of those events, we need to visit them in their proper context. Let us begin the story of human history...
Jim Babcock’s Petrov Day ceremony

Petrov Day on Easy Mode: Hang out. Share a meme.

Petrov Day on Normal Mode: Have a quiet, dignified ceremony.

Petrov Day on Hardcore Mode A: During said ceremony, unveil a large red button. If anybody presses the button, the ceremony is over. Go home. Do not speak.

Petrov Day on Hardestcore Mode: If anyone presses the button, you may never celebrate Petrov Day again.

Petrov Day on Multiplayer Hard[est]core Mode: As Hard[est]core Mode, except instead of an inert button, you use a website connected to another house where people are also celebrating Petrov Day. If anyone in one house presses the button, the other house receives a launch alarm. They have 60 seconds to respond. At the end of 60 seconds, their party is over, and they must go home silently. The website has some chance of giving you a false alarm.

Habryka made a website last year that allows houses to choose each other as nuclear targets, and then potentially launch missiles at each other. You can log in, create a “house” account, and then communicate with another house about the rules and conditions of your Petrov Day celebration.

(Note that the website is a bit janky, and that anyone who can guess the name of your house could potentially target it with nuclear missiles)