Mee­tups (spe­cific ex­am­ples)

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This tag collects specific meetups that an organizer can run or things community members can do when they come together. It does include instructions or at least an inspiring outline for running a particular activity, exercise, discussion or game with a group. It can also include guidance for events such as Winter Solstice or Petrov Day that a community might come together for. It does not include general advice for running meetups or discussions on the purpose of meetups. It also does not include announcements of meetups that will be held at a particular time and place, which would be under Events. The intended purpose of this tag is to be something a meetup organizer can browse, thinking “what should I run for my group next meeting?”

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Cal­ibra­tion Trivia

Screwtape4 Aug 2022 22:31 UTC
10 points
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The Fal­ling Drill

Screwtape5 Aug 2022 0:08 UTC
42 points
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Dissent Collusion

Screwtape10 Aug 2022 2:43 UTC
11 points
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Modes of Petrov Day

Raemon17 Sep 2019 2:47 UTC
69 points
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Oops It’s Time To Over­throw the Or­ga­nizer Day!

Screwtape18 Aug 2022 16:40 UTC
59 points
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Dou­ble Crux In A Box

Screwtape26 Aug 2022 3:24 UTC
25 points
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Book Swap

Screwtape19 Sep 2022 2:33 UTC
9 points
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Ra­tion­al­ity Dojo Ber­lin Handout

UnplannedCauliflower19 Sep 2022 20:11 UTC
18 points
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Cam­bist Booking

Screwtape4 Aug 2022 22:40 UTC
12 points
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Troll Timers

Screwtape12 Aug 2022 0:55 UTC
28 points
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Ap­pendix: How to run a suc­cess­ful Ham­ming circle

CFAR!Duncan2 Sep 2022 0:22 UTC
25 points
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Over­ton Gym­nas­tics: An Ex­er­cise in Discomfort

5 Sep 2022 19:20 UTC
39 points
14 comments4 min readLW link
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