[Question] How have you become more hard-working?

I’d be curious to hear stories of people who have successfully become more hard-working, especially if they started out as not particularly hard-working. Types of things I can imagine playing a role or know have played a role for some people:

  • Switching roles to something that is conducive to hard work, e.g. a fast-paced environment with lots of concrete tasks and fires to put out.

  • Medication, e.g. ADHD medication

  • Internal work, e.g. specific types of therapy, meditation, self-help reading, or other types of reflection.

  • Productivity hacks, e.g. more accountability, putting specific systems in place

  • Motivational events, arguments, or life periods, e.g. working a normal corporate jobs where long hours are expected

  • Switching work environment to something that is conducive to hard work, e.g. always working in an office with others who hold you accountable

This curiosity was triggered by realising that I know of very few people that have become substantially harder-working over their late adolescence/​adult life. I also noticed that the few people that I know successfully and seemingly permanently increased their mental health/​work satisfaction always were hard-working even when they were unhappy (unless they were in the middle of burn-out or similar).

People becoming more hard-working seems really useful but I haven’t seen much in terms of evidence that it’s feasible or effective methods. If there are books or studies on this topic, those would also be welcome. Thank you!

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