[Question] What will be the big-picture implications of the coronavirus, assuming it eventually infects >10% of the world?

Brain­storm­ing some pos­si­bil­ities, not tak­ing my­self too se­ri­ously:

--2020 will be re­mem­bered as a year of death and dis­rup­tion; the econ­omy will suffer mas­sively, per­haps enough to count as a re­ces­sion.

--Many old peo­ple will die (some­thing like 10%?) this is a big higher than the cur­rent fatal­ity rates but I pre­dict they will rise once hos­pi­tal sys­tems are over­whelmed. This will have a few knock-on effects: 1. Health care ex­pen­di­tures will drop for the next few years, since old and sick peo­ple are the biggest source of such ex­pen­di­tures and the pop­u­la­tion of old and sick peo­ple will be sub­stan­tially smaller. 2. There will be a no­tice­able in­crease in av­er­age spend­ing money available to younger peo­ple due to in­her­i­tances. 3. Poli­tics in the USA at least will shift no­tice­ably (though not dra­mat­i­cally) to the left, since the dead peo­ple will be dis­pro­por­tionately right-lean­ing. 4. Poli­tics wor­ld­wide will gen­er­ally shift in a more rad­i­cal di­rec­tion, since the pro­por­tion of young peo­ple to old peo­ple will in­crease. 5. One of the con­tenders for the US pres­i­dency might die be­fore the elec­tion. (This is un­likely even if 50% of the world gets in­fected, but it is likely enough to de­serve men­tion I think.)

--China’s dra­matic and dra­co­nian mea­sures to con­tain the virus will come to be seen as a suc­cess story, some­thing that would have worked if only other na­tions had be­haved similarly (and per­haps, if China keeps its bor­der closed, it ac­tu­ally will work for China at least?). This leads to an in­crease in au­thor­i­tar­i­anism in gen­eral around the world, made sub­stan­tially stronger by the gen­eral ten­dency of au­thor­i­tar­i­anism to rise dur­ing crises.

--The world will, in gen­eral, take pan­demic risks much more se­ri­ously from now on, mak­ing it sub­stan­tially harder for some­thing like this (or worse) to hap­pen again.