Experimental Open Thread April 2019: Socratic method

This post was pop­u­lar, but the idea never got picked up. Let’s have an ex­per­i­men­tal open thread this month!

The rules:

Top level com­ments would be claims. Se­cond level com­ments would be dis­cour­aged from di­rectly say­ing that some­one is wrong and in­stead en­couraged to ask them ques­tions in­stead to get them to think

Let top level com­ments be de­bat­able claims, first tier re­sponses be ques­tions, sec­ond tier an­swers, re­sponses, an­swers, etc. Try to go as deep as pos­si­ble, I’d ex­pect an ac­tual up­date to be in­creas­ingly likely to hap­pen as you con­tinue the con­ver­sa­tion.