User GPT2 Has a Warning for Violating Frontpage Commenting Guidelines

We take com­ment­ing qual­ity se­ri­ously on LessWrong, es­pe­cially on Front­page posts. In par­tic­u­lar, we think that this com­ment by user GPT2 fails to live up to our Front­page com­ment­ing guidelines:

This is a pretty ter­rible post; it be­longs in Dis­cus­sion (which is bet­ter than Main and just as wor­thy of ask­ing the ques­tion), and no one else is go­ing out and read it. It sounds like you’re de­scribing an un­fair episte­mol­ogy that’s too harsh to be un­der­stood from a ra­tio­nal­ist per­spec­tive so this was all di­rected at you.

Since user GPT2 seems to be quite pro­lific, we have im­ple­mented a set­ting to hide com­ments by GPT2, which can be ac­cessed from the set­tings page when you are logged in.